FAQs – Club Structure

What is an England Football Accredited Club ?

This is explained here. We have a two star accreditation. This replaces the Charter Standard. We work hard to ensure our club is a place where players, coaches and volunteers can thrive.

What is the structure of the Club ?

There are two management structures at the Club.

  • The Hub.  Steyning Community Hub Limited (SCHL)

To raise the finance for the 3G Pitch HSBC required a Limited Company. This was set up by four local parents involved with the club who were prepared to invest their own money to ensure our Club were able to install the pitch. The Hub act as the landlord of the Football Club dealing with the pitch, capital improvements etc. The Hub is a not for profit organisation  – all income is used to improve the facilities and run STCFC. The directors receive no remuneration. The Hub acts as the Landlord.

  • The Football Club.  Steyning Town Community FC (STCFC)

The Football Club is run by the Football Club Committee, all volunteers, that includes members of The Hub. The football club comprises:

  • Senior Section – including First Team, Reserves and Veterans.
  • Women Section – First Team.
  • Youth Section – U18’s.
  • Youth and Junior Section – mini-kickers to U16’s
  • Girls Section.

The Committee meets monthly and sets the policies for the Football Club. The Football Club acts as the Tenant.

Note that the land is owned by the Church of England.

Tell me more about the 3G Pitch ?

The 3G Pitch was paid for by:

  • Grant from The Wilson Memorial Trust
  • Loan from HSBC
  • Investment from The Hub (four local parents)

The pitch has a twice-weekly, quarterly, and  maintenance program and is tested annually to retain both FA and FIFA accreditation. Each year the club puts aside £25K for replacement every 10 years. To assist the pitch is hired out to third-parties, for example Albion in the Community and The Chelsea Foundation.

What is the Foundation ?

The Foundation is run by coaches at the club providing an additional after school opportunity for additional coaching. This is open to all young players, including those already in our youth teams. 

FAQs – Our Young Players

How is the Youth Section set up ?

We have a Mixed and a Girls section. Girls can and do play in the Mixed teams. At all ages your manager will ensure that each boy or girl is able to cope with the requirements of that age-group.

The main point of contact for a player is their manager, who will have one or more coaches. Managers have regular meetings to share expertise and discuss issues under their head of sections who sit on the Steyning Football Club Committee. This is currently Adrian Ridley (Cov) and Iain Staines, and for the girls Karen Bridgewater.

What coaching can a player expect ?

Our coaching aims are:

  • Each year group is to have at least one FA level one coach, who takes on overall responsibility for that year group.
  • All managers and coaches will be subject to the relevant DBS checks.
  • Managers and coaches are required to join the FA Licensed Coaches Club online.
  • Each game to be attended by a qualified emergency aid person who has attended an organised FA first aid course.
  • Promote and retain interest in the playing of Association Football.
  • Develop standards and encourage progression to affiliated Senior teams.
Where will I train and play ?

Each year-group trains on the main floodlit pitch at Shooting Field. Matches can be on other pitches depending on the age-group. As we offer a football opportunity to more players there is a pressure on pitch use. Match pitches are:

  • Shooting Field  3G Floodlit pitch
  • School Playing Fields (St Andrew and Steyning Grammar)
  • Memorial Playing Field, Steyning
  • Memorial Playing Field, Upper Beeding
What Leagues will I play in ?

Mixed teams play in the Horsham District League on a Saturday. Our girls teams play in the Sussex County Women and Girls Football League on a Sunday

Do I have to live in Steyning or surrounding villages ?

Our catchment area is that of Steyning Grammar. Players outside of this area need to be approved by our committee.

Are there match fees ?

We have an annual fee – that can be paid monthly. See FAQs – Fees below. 

Are the best players always selected ?

We call this streaming. The club policy is:

  • Mini soccer – inclusive without exception
  • 7 v 7 – inclusive without exception
  • 9 v 9 – this unusual, and only between two squads in an age-group. This is at the manager’s discretion after good communication with parents and players to ensure contented squads.
  • 11 v 11 – this is more common, but is at the manager’s discretion after good communication with parents and players to ensure a contented squad.
What kit does a player receive ?

Every registered player is provided with a full playing strip by the club. This includes a shirt, shorts, and socks. Strips remain the property of the club and can be redistributed, typically at the end of the season. If part of the kit is lost we will have a look to see what is available – but lost kit may need to be replaced.

Can I sponsor a team ?

Yes please. Just speak to your age-group manager who will be delighted to speak to you. You will get:

  • 2 year advertising board at the club
  • Banner advert in the first team on-line match day program
  • Reduced rates for full page advert in STCFC tournament program
  • Promotion through out the season on the Clubs social Media sites
  • Sponsors logo on the clubs official website
What are the Club colours ?

The club has a proud tradition and is keen to protect and develop its identity. The club’s strip is the most powerful form of identity that helps bond the players of all age groups into a single club community. It is therefore a foundation stone of the club’s history and its aspirations, and as such there are strict guidelines concerning kit colours and livery.

  • Home – Red and White shirt, with solid red shorts, solid red socks.
  • Away (where applicable) – Blue and Black shirt, with solid blue shorts, solid blue socks

FAQs – Youth Fees

Why are Fees increasing for the new 2024/25 season ?

We had two years where there was no rise in Fees, however as per last year the costs of running the club are increasing. This includes utilities, equipment such as goals and footballs, and player kit – as well in increases in general running costs. Note that we have also had a reduction in sponsorship as some businesses have not renewed. And as a reminder – we are all unpaid volunteers at the club.

How do the fees get spent ?

This table illustrates how the fees are split – we appreciate costs may vary at different age-groups:

Pitch Hire Fees & Pitch Marking 67%
Affiliation Fees & Administration 3%
Referees & Assistants 9%
Trophies / Medals 4%
Kit & Equipment (non-sponsored) 4%
Printing / Stationery /Advertising 3%
Coaching / Courses 1%
Tournament Entry 1%
Phone / WiFi / TV Licence 1%
Waste Disposal 1%
Other 5%
Total 100%

Note that the 3G Pitch Hire Fees are at a subsidised rate compared to third-party hirers. Also note that the 3G allows training to be uninterrupted whereas training can bee first activity to be cancelled for poor weather when training on grass. In the 23/24 season one opposition team reported they had one training session and one match (on our 3G pitch) from February to April 2024. 

Are the managers and coaching paid ?

No. From the management committee through managers and coaches to parents assisting putting out cones – our junior section is run by volunteers  who give up significant spare time to ensure our children have an opportunity to enjoy their football in an environment where we prioritise qualified coaching and safeguarding as well as the values of The FA’s Respect campaign. There may be some circumstances where a short-term payment is required. We tend to prefer to provide the opportunity to play the game whenever we can.

Does the youth section subsidise senior football ?

No. This is sometimes asked. Senior football is kept separate financially. There are non-financial advantages for our youth section having some access to first team management for assistance with coaching. However, from mini-kickers to senior men’s and women’s teams, we are all one club.

How much are the fees for my young player ?

It varies. As you can imagine a lot of thought goes into Annual Subs. All age groups train on our main 3G pitch at Shooting Field. Older age groups play matches on the 3G. Note that we are trying to actively grow the younger age groups and girls participation by offering reduced fees. We also offer scheduled fees taken over 10 months – also shown below. These are the fees for the 2024-25 season.

Boys/Mixed £ £
  Annual Monthly (x10)
MiniKickers to U7s 170.00 17.00
U8s, U9s & U10s 260.00 26.00
U11s & U12s 280.00 28.00
U13s, U14s, U15s, U16s & U18s 300.00 30.00
Girls £ £
MiniKickers to U9s 170.00 17.00
U10s & U12s 240.00 24.00
U13s, U15s & U16s 270.00 27.00
How does this compare with other sports and activities ?

You are likely to be closer to what other sports charge – but some interesting calculations:

  • Most teams play around 60 times per year (circa 100 hrs)
  • Training only teams play around 35 times per year (circa 50 hours)
  • Each session costs around £4 per session (whether match or training)
  • In terms of the cost per hour it is less than £2.50 for all teams

And this is at an England Accredited Club – Three Star – where we have demonstrated we have a positive football environment where young people can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy playing as part of a friendly, inclusive community.

Is there financial assistance available with the fees ?

We do not want any of our young players to miss out on the enjoyment and life lessons of organised football. If you have issues please contact our chairman or welfare officer in the strictest confidence.

Why are girls fees less than boys fees ?

We believe a thriving girl section is part of being a community club. To grow the girls section we have taken the decision to encourage participation by offering reduced fees. There is also an argument that the reduced fees reflects there being fewer games in the girls leagues – although we do also enter the girls teams in the County Cups. Note that where a girl plays in a mixed team they will pay the same fees as the other players.

This is the final year of the transition to parity in fees. Next season boys and girls fees are planned to be the same.

FAQs – Volunteers

What sort of volunteers are you looking for ?

What can you offer ? We need help in all sorts of areas – from coaching teams, assisting in maintenance of the facility, assisting with social media, to coming up with ideas to build the girls section. We need volunteers for events – such as the summer youth football festivals, on match-days, and with simply running the club. If you have a skill, or you simply have time, we would love to hear from you.  Go to the Join Us menu.

If you want to help a particular group have a conversation with the manager or coaching team.

Can I help financially ?

Of course. We are always looking for companies and individuals who want to assist the club. We would not be able to run the club as it is without sponsorship. Use the Join Us option or just speak to someone at the club and you will be welcomed and put in the right direction.

Can I become a ref ?

We can help with course fees. We need referees for all our age-groups. You can receive match fees as a referee. We encourage interested youth players to take the course as a way to learn about the game, learn life-skills, and earn some extra cash.

Can I get involved with girls and women’s football ?

We always need coaches – but we also need assistance with promotion and administration as we build this side of the Club.

FAQs – Senior Teams

What senior teams do you have?

We have:

We also run two U18 Boys teams in the SCFL and Mid-Sussex and an U18 Girls in the Sussex County SCWGFL..

When do they play ?
  • Men’s First Team – play: Saturdays and often Tuesday evenings. Train: Tuesdays and Thursdays,
  • Women’s First Team – play: Sunday afternoons. Train: Wednesday evenings.
  • Veteran – play: Friday Evenings/Sunday afternoons.
Do I pay to watch ?

Only to the Men’s First Team and the U23s. To watch the other teams just come along.

First team admission (to be confirmed) is:

  • Adult £7
  • Concession £4
  • U16’s Free

U23 Admission is:

  • All £2
  • U16’s Free

FAQs – Club Hire

Can I hire the pitch ?

Yes. As you can imagine with the number of teams at the club – all of whom train on the pitch – there are a of time slots already taken. Also the pitch is used by both Albion in the Community and The Chelsea Foundation. However, there are regular slots available, particularly during the week.

There are more opportunities in the summer to hire the pitch for in-house football tournaments and festivals. Of course there are some restrictions on footwear on the pitch.

Can I hire the Clubhouse ?

Definitely. During the day the Clubhouse is available alongside current users, including Gym Classes and Slimming Groups. You can also hire the club, including Bar for your own functions. The club is used or Comedy nights, Live Lounge, and you can also hire it for your own private party.

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