Men’s First Team Update

After the recent appointment of Gerry Murphy as the clubs first team manager, for his second stint in charge at the club after stepping down in 2022, the club has a number of updates to share on the appointment of his backroom staff and to hear from Gerry himself.
Gerry’s Assistant Manager needs no introduction and will be Ex Town skipper, U23 manager and one of last years 1st team assistant managers Alex Gathern. The rest of the coaching team is as follows with a lot of continuity from last seasons team behind the scenes:-
  • First Team Coaches- Tim Jones, Grant Radmore
  • Mindset and Performance Coach- Tony Dain
  • Goalkeeper Coach- Dan Swietlik
  • Sports Therapist- Georgina Land
  • Scout and Opposition Analyst- George Staples
  • Assistant to the Management Team- Ryan Harvey

Standing down from their roles from last season are Dan Viggers from his Assistant Manager role and Danny Wood from his first team head coach role. As a club they have been very open and honest about their personal situations which we fully respect, and the club can’t thank them enough for their help of the last two very successful seasons. Over that time they have been fantastic assets to their club and their part in last years success speaks for itself. They remain firm friends of the club and are always very welcome back as supporters at the club.

Gerry himself said ” The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, straight in to pre season training and trying to get players retained and to invite new players to the club for the exciting season ahead. We are really pleased with progress so far on those that we have retained and the extra quality we have managed to bring in.
Without the help of Viggers and Alex I know for sure we wouldn’t be in the strong position we are now. Dan Viggers stepping away to spend more time with the family is a decision I fully understand and wish him well, he’s a top guy and hopefully we see lots of him at the club.
Alex has always been part of my time previously at the club in my first stint, mainly as my captain, so I am pleased to have him alongside me again.
The rest of the coaching and management staff are also very important to the club for the future and I’m delighted they’ve all committed as we embark together on the fresh challenges ahead.”
Thanks to Dan, Kev and Woody.
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