Adult Players Code of Conduct

Adult Players – whether you win or lose, make it a better game.

Treat your team, other players and Match Officials with respect so that everyone has a more enjoyable time on and off the pitch.

When playing football I will:

  • Stick to the rules and celebrate the spirit of the game
  • Always show respect to everyone involved in the game
  • Never engage in public criticism of the Match Officials and abide by their final decisions
  • Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands at the end of every game
  • Be aware of the potential impact of bad language of others
  • Never engage in abusive language, bullying, or intimidating behaviour

I understand that if I do not follow the Code, I may:

  • Be asked to apologise to whoever I’ve upset.
  • Receive a formal warning
  • Be required to attend a FA education course
  • Be dropped, substituted or suspended from training
  • Not to be selected for the team
  • Be asked to leave the club and/or issued a fine