Silent Support Weekend 2-3 March 2024

Come along to one of games for our young players this weekend and you will notice a difference. As part of an FA initiative we are supporting Silent Support Weekend …. Instead of confusing shouts and rebukes from spectators, players are encouraged by their applause only. Rather than hearing lots of voices offering conflicting instructions, players might only hear the voice of their coach – or from no-one at all.

For players?
They’ll be doing all the talking. This is an opportunity for them to find their voice and explore their game, without any distractions.
For coaches?
When the game is in play, coaches can either join in the silent support, or coach around the match. Either way, they champion the voices on the pitch.
For spectators?
We’re asking anyone on the sidelines to show your support with applause only. When the noise stops, they become unstoppable.
Your silence speaks volumes. Let?s see the difference it makes on the pitch.

Thank-you for your assistance!

Big thanks as always to all our coaches and assistants and everyone who helps gets our young players enjoying the beautiful game every weekend.

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