Dry Your Eyes – U16 Girls

This was speech by U16 Girls manager Joe Lean at the U16 Awards night. After this season the girls decide whether to move into U18 football. Joe almost managed to finish the speech …… his assistant manager Jamie Nunn then did the honours.

So here we are after 8 years, we have come to the end in girls football, though some will be continuing their journey their journey in to the women’s game. Having had Bea and Reagan already debut for the women’s first team and also a few already training with the women’s team I couldn’t have been more proud.

I am going to take us back to day 1. Originally I had only planned to manage them for 6 months for someone else to then take over my role of manager, however after the first session which had more cartwheels and piggybacks than football, I didn’t think I would return the following week. At times most of you have seen me on my knees hitting the ground or kicking a barrier in frustration of not scoring a goal, it was like that for most weeks during the first 6 yrs. Its a good thing we got our first win when we did as it saved me some broken bones ………

Then came to U15s I still feel we deserved to win the league that year and slightly robbed with the actual champions pipping us to the title, with them being awarded 4 games as walkovers, in my opinion we were the best team that season having scored 72 goals with only conceding 18 in the process, this showed how far we had come in the last few years as a team.

U16s, we have not played as much football this season however after being promoted and still finishing mid table, has been a good achievement so very well done to you all. Girls you are the first ever girls team to come through this club, with over 100 girls now on the
books, you have certainly been the trailblazers, In the years ahead people will be looking back at this team as the originals, you should all feel very proud as you have made history for STCFC. Parents I have to thank every one of you too, your support for not only the girls but for me also has been absolutely brilliant. You have helped make this whole journey even more special no matter what the weather and whatever the score win lose or draw. From the girls to the parents to us coaches the whole camaraderie has been second to none.

22 players have played for this team in the league since we set out, however there are a core of you that have been here from the start, all of your commitment has been superb, with total honesty I wasn’t a fan of the female side of the game before I got roped in with you lot, However, girls, you certainly transformed me and my views, when England women’s won the Euros which a lot of us watched here in the clubhouse I wasn’t less ecstatic than if it had been the England mens team.

I will always look back at the time I have managed you, with a lot of great memories. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity to go on this journey with you. When I took on this team you were young girls and now you have all grown in to beautiful young women. I am sure everyone of you will go on to great things whatever you choose to do.


But this is what managers and coaches can get from volunteering for our young teams. Our club salutes you all.


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