Women’s Section Launch New Sports Performance, Analysis and Development Team

Our Women’s structure at the club prides itself on looking for new and innovative ways to support our ‘player centric development’ pathway at the club. We have an extremely exciting announcement that our new Sports Performance Analysis and Development Team is up and running.

This team will use their experience, skills and qualifications to harness the power of our technology services, utilising our GPS player tracking, AI Camera, Statistical & Analysis platform and new digital presentation software, to produce meaningful player development and monitoring plans, injury prevention detection, fitness and conditioning tracking, as well as providing the coaching team with analysis and data around team, opposition and tactical performances. 

Meet the team

Sian Elliott – One of our current players who has been at the club for several years, coaches in the girls youth section and has a MSc in Sports Performance Analysis. Sian will be focused on identifying key areas of analysis, feedback and all things analytical. Sian has worked within football for over 15 years coaching, playing and managing. After completing her degree, she loved the aspect of analysing data within the game. After completing a MSc in Sports performance Analysis. Sian has thrived on the statistics given whether it be passed or shots or looking at tactical plays within football and excited to be working with Steyning Women’s team to further create opportunities for player’s development

Alick MighallAlick spent most of the noughties covering Premier League football for Yahoo and AOL. More recently he led the build of a real time video and data analysis tool for the NFL. Looking for a return to ‘proper football’, he’s been working on ideas to drive fan engagement in the women’s game, as well as how data and video can help coaching teams develop their squads. He was thrilled to find in Steyning, a club that was as excited about the application of tech as he is, and senses a great opportunity to help drive the team forward.

Danny Norris (Manager) has been delighted that the team has managed to secure these fantastic people into the Performance team…

“Technology should never be just a gimmick but unfortunately we are seeing too many instances of this very thing. We believe that good technology, utilised correctly and enhanced with the right skills and experience can provide an invaluable tool to the development of our players and therefore the team overall. This hasn’t been something we have implemented overnight, and we have carefully considered how to make this a sustainable element of our PCD pathway before launching the team. Our players are really excited and can’t wait to start benefiting from this opportunity.

We are always looking to attract new, ambitious players to the club, but in order to do that and fulfil our aspirations as a team and a club, you have to make sure you have right structure, people and services to give them that platform to develop.” – Danny Norris (Women’s 1st Manager)

This is just the start to this new exciting element, and we will be announcing some other new initiatives throughout the season. 


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